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Ask what you can do for your country – Ese ne Anglisht

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.  

‘I don’t want to live in this country anymore. I have nothing to do here. This place is drowning. There are no opportunities for me to express myself. There are no activities that match my interests.’ I hear this complains every single day. I hear those at my friends, my cousins, even at people on the streets. But I don’t feel sad about them, because it is their fault, our fault, our responsibility.  

We vote. We vote for the ones that take over the country and woefully take over us. And you keep saying that is their liability for this miserable undignified political and economic situation that our ancestors gave their lives to protect? No, my dear, it’s ours.  

If we look back at our precious and rich history, we will read for the courageous people who defended the country with devotion, the partisan who fought without getting a thing in return. You will be thrilled from the dreadful tortures that the atrocious invaders did unmercifully to the citizens. But they stood with their head up and dignity until fortunately, they won. 

One beautiful past reality. What about today? We do not give a thought about our country, and we leave this pleasure to some persons that are profoundly eager for power. You pay the taxes, they fill their pockets. You desperately suffer, they shamelessly laugh. You can’t make it with your salary, they have some peaceful vocations in a foreign country. Well, the election comes, and here you are voting for the same persons. And you keep continuously complaining.  

Don’t you think that the time for you to raise your voice higher has come? Stop complaining. You can change the reality that is frustrating you. Search from yourself, not from the government. Do not vote the same inflated persons from money to take over you.  

Be a fighter today. Respect your place. Do not harm it. Be educated and civilized. Gather all your forces and object every single injustice made on you. You’re the solution of you your own self.  

It’s the duty of the patriot, to protect his country from the government. – Thomas Paine. 

®Klaudio Sheme


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